Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sexual reproduction rocks!

I have come to the conclusion that sex is an amazing thing.

If it were not for this unique means of recombining our DNA (essentially mixing and matching our genes), we'd be screwed (metaphorically, not literally). Lack of mixing in genes results in an increased frequency of genetic disorders.

They're trying to clone Leatherback turtles to save them from extinction but this will lead to genetic diseases due to the imminent inter-breeding (not unlike Tay-Sachs among Ashkenazi Jews). They have a better chance of saving the turtles by acquiring as many eggs as possible, incubating them, keeping them secure until they reach puberty, and then let their instincts take over. If they do this for a few generations, they may manage to save the turtle. The cloning project costs 9 million dollars. This amount can be easily allocated the project that I just outlined. Makes sense, right?

After reading the first sentence you must have thought that this post would be about something completely different, didn't you? You, sir/ma'am, are a pervert.

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