Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Drinking vessels make no noise

I really like drinking in earthen and glass containers. Today I had gone to the fine-arts facility to pick up a broken piece of ceramic to keep in my fish bowl. Apparently, Betta fish appreciate the hiding place. While I was there, I picked up this discarded cup.
I am now using it to drink tea in. It reminds me of the sort of earthen cups that are used for serving tea on the Indian Railways. They always add a special flavour to the tea. Unfortunately, my new cup doesn't quite manage that. However, it looks splendid. I took some pictures with my

Smoking to dog droppings

So I found a very interesting setup as I walked home today. There was a used pack of cigarettes on the ground. The label on the Marlboro packet said: "If you decide to quit smoking..." In addition, they made a big large friendly green arrow on the packet. What could this possibly mean? Why would anyone pick up a pack of Marlboro if they decided to quit smoking?

However, the angels parted the clouds of my confusion by directing my attention to was lying right next to the packet. I found the relics of a dog (see picture) that presumably hadn't dropped "as the gentle rain from heaven/Upon the place beneath" and the issue of their being twice blessed is also debatable.

The universe made absolute sense for a fleeting moment.

So whenever you meet a smoker who talks about quitting next week (which they often do for many years before dying of lung cancer), you should suggest the Marlboro way.