Sunday, May 3, 2009

Intellectual badass-hood

So on the way to NCUR23, I met an interesting and dauntingly intelligent bloke from Johns Hopkins. He introduced the concept of intellectual badass-hood to me. This is an astonishingly appealing idea for nerds of my ilk. No longer shall we suffer under derogatory titles reminiscent of Homo unpleasantus characteristics(refer to previous post for obscure reference:

So, if you are sufficiently smart, reasonably ridiculous, engagingly eccentric, adequately attractive, and compellingly competent in your field you shall henceforth be allowed to lay claim to a glorious title: Intellectual badass.

For once in my life, I am making an exception in my escewal of words with the gratuitous suffix of 'ass' because 'intellectual badass' just sounds BADASS.

P.S: There is a species barrier between Homo unpleasantus and intellectual badassery.

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